Thoughtful Thoughts on Fic Clamps - Part 1 - FASCINATION AND Frustration (2023)

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Thoughtful Thoughts on Fic Clamps - Part 1 - FASCINATION AND Frustration (1)

In today's episode we play the Fic Bracket Game where popular fanfiction tropes compete and we see who is left at the end of the day as the ultimate fanfiction we want to read!

This is part 1 of 2, due to a very long list of multi fandom fic recommendations! We wanted to give you time to read them all before recommending any more fic!You can find the list here!

If you want to play our version ofTrope Brackets for yourself you can do this here!

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TT: fic braces; Recording List – Part 1


  1. Thoughtful Thoughts on Fic Clamps - Part 1 - FASCINATION AND Frustration (2) Emily
    December 23, 2020@ 3:44 p.m

    You've referenced a fic-rec episode a couple of times which I can't seem to find! I would appreciate a link or directions so I can add more to my AO3 reading list. 😀


    (Video) The Unwanted Wife Part 1 of 2 | 🎧📖 Natasha Anders

    • Thoughtful Thoughts on Fic Clamps - Part 1 - FASCINATION AND Frustration (3) fascination frustration
      December 23, 2020@ 11:23 am

      Hallo Emily

      We made a Shadowhunter specific fic recording on tDiE

      I hope this is what you were looking for 😀


  2. Thoughtful Thoughts on Fic Clamps - Part 1 - FASCINATION AND Frustration (4) cat eyes
    29. October 2018@ 9:40 am

    I don't know if this is what you're looking for, but there is a Firefly/Shadowhunters AU called Ninth Dimension, Seventh Lane by ohfreckle.

    Also, if you're interested in getting fic recordings, I've got a few you might like! There is an AMAZING X-Men/Ladyhawke crossover called As Dark Longs for Days by Yahtzee that follows the plot of the film while also expanding on the main characters' backstory AND fixing some of the film's plot holes (I love Ladyhawke a lot, but the female lead was a bit of a doormat).

    Rageprufrock also wrote an X-Men/White Collar crossover (though it's hardly a White Collar crossover - it's more of an FBI/modern AU) called Limited Release, in which Erik Lensherr leads a mutant task force responsible for the Arrest of mutant separatist/terrorist Sebastian is responsible for Schau. If you're at all interested in Charles/Erik I'd seriously recommend both (and even if you're not interested in them I'd still recommend Limited Release - rageprufrock is one of my ride-or-die writers, all she writes is ASTONISHING).


    • Thoughtful Thoughts on Fic Clamps - Part 1 - FASCINATION AND Frustration (5) Ruth
      4. November 2018@ 11:23 p.m

      Hey! Sorry for the slow reply. Our website is eating notifications at the moment.
      OMG the firefly fic! Thanks very much! Firefly crossovers are always so much fun!
      I think I may have read a few chapters of Limited Release (completely rageprufrock with you - I give whatever they write a fair chance at least!) - but honestly it was so far out of my wheelhouse that I gave up, I'm not into X-Men and hadn't even seen White Collar back then. Maybe I'll try again, at least I'm done with the White Collar Bit now!
      Thank you for the rec!


      (Video) The Longing of Lone Wolves [ Part 1 ] - Romance Audiobook

  3. Thoughtful Thoughts on Fic Clamps - Part 1 - FASCINATION AND Frustration (6) annemarisa
    24. October 2018@ 2:17 p.m

    I need to read All Other Ghosts now.

    It's weird, but often THE MOST POPULAR fiction in a fandom - this ONE fiction - I try it and just can't get into it, or maybe I can read through it all, but in the end I'm just like, well that was fiction. The former was certainly true of Supernatural.

    Difficult call but I think assassin?

    I'm one of the "bazillion words? Fantastic; Consequence? Yay!" guys. But I'm also a "These are animals <3" guy.

    There's not much afterlife here either...apocalypse I guess.

    … sports I think? Not a big fan of either.

    soulmates. No competition.

    … Actor. Yes, actor.

    time travel! (Canon divergence type preferably) Would you like to read the HP now.

    Best friends from childhood. "Enemies from friends to lovers" is more my thing than just "enemies from lovers", but - unless they were canon enemies - I tend to avoid them anyway, even if they start out as enemies? Somewhat hostile acquaintances, perhaps, but no direct enemies.


    Fusion (the second). Oh god I hate the find/replace type. I prefer the "same universe but different story" but sometimes the "starts out as the same story, let's see where the differences take us" can be really good. Just look at the Beauty and the Beast fic for the full gamut from "find/replace" to "jump off of that story with the characters from that other story and get something awesome".

    Ok, time to run through the categories:
    Polizei vs. BDSM: BDSM
    Office vs. Historical: Historical
    Rent Boy vs Porn Star : Rent Boy
    Slavery vs Assassins: ... Slavery I guess
    Apokalypse vs. Sport: … Sport?
    Soulmates vs Actors: Soulmates
    Time Travel vs Childhood Best Friends: Time Travel
    Dragons vs Fusion: Fusion

    (Video) Passing by Nella LARSEN read by Elizabeth Klett | Full Audio Book

    Next round :
    BDSM vs. Historical: Historical
    Rent Boy vs. Slavery: Slavery
    Sports against soulmates: soulmates
    Time Travel vs. Fusion: Time Travel

    Historical vs. Slavery: Historical
    Soulmates vs. Time Travel: Time Travel

    And Time Travel beats Historical.

    Canon divergence - especially when combined with time travel - wins 1st place for me anyway.


    • Thoughtful Thoughts on Fic Clamps - Part 1 - FASCINATION AND Frustration (7) Michelle
      26. October 2018@ 12:10 p.m

      Okay, first off, I assume you've read/watch Outlander, right? Because if history with time travel is your ultimate jam, it has to be you!! 😀 😀

      There are certain super popular authors in every fandom that I just never really got to bond with, yeah. You see they keep popping up on the recs list so I kept reading another story from XYZ and got to the end and have to say, "yeah I remember why I don't understand what everyone is screaming about" .
      I think it's different when it's a hyped story, but often super hyped writers split into two groups. Authors who create stuff that I think is awesome 110% of the time, and I totally understand why everyone salivates when there's an update on something. And authors who write a lot of stories and are popular for their quantity rather than quality. That's obviously not always the case, but creating lots of content is a great way to get on Recs lists and talk about it, simply because it's hard not to have read some of their stuff, whether you like it or not , and there's generally a gem or two between everything else.

      — But I'm also a "These are animals <3" type.--

      Needless to say 😉


  4. Thoughtful Thoughts on Fic Clamps - Part 1 - FASCINATION AND Frustration (8) annemarisa
    24. October 2018@ 12:13 p.m

    Quick comment while listening at work: wow we have different tastes in fic XD. My choices so far would be: Police, BDSM, Office, Historical (but not military XD), Rent Boy, Pornstar, Slavery... sounds like I lean towards explicit fic a lot more than I do.


    But what prompted my comment now was the way I agree 100% that "sensitive" and "well-managed" discussions are rare in some of these tropes, but actually I tend to AVOID those that are seem trying to focus on being sensitive, complex and possibly "difficult to read"?

    It's kind of like, "This is fiction, fictional fiction, where people are soul mates and everyone gets happy endings and nothing hurts (except when it happens because fear can be fun) and I'll happily throw myself into the issue" . I think one important thing is that I address this: "I'm not looking for serious discussions about complicated topics, I'm here to have a good time and not to take what's being said too seriously".

    A prime example is I always look for the serial killer AUs in any fandom. In Hannibal fandom I want to murder husbands where they treat each other equally and murder and don't get caught and none of that would be okay in reality but it's fiction so it's okay. For me a happy ending is that they get away with everything but they are happy and together and respect each other.

    This "respect" qualification is where "this is problematic" begins to be a problem for me. They can be complete monsters to the rest of the world, but they better not mistreat each other; Misunderstandings and mistakes are okay, as is an unhealthy level of codependency (another great example of diving into problems with joy), but at the end of the day, they really should love the other more than they love themselves want?

    So yeah, not much of anything other than an observation of how different tastes can be I guess?


    • Thoughtful Thoughts on Fic Clamps - Part 1 - FASCINATION AND Frustration (9) Michelle
      26. October 2018@ 11:25 am

      I completely avoid the "well-managed" discussions of difficult topics because we read fanfiction for fun! and I really hope we have not given the impression that it is not okay to do this or that we have not done so. that's kind of what I meant when I said I'd read the Pretty Woman trope hundreds of times. and will very likely read it a hundred more. Am I aware that life for most sex workers will not work out like this? yes, of course I am. But this one I'm reading about is. because that's what the story is about. and I want to read about that now.
      Just sometimes, for me, it can very quickly go from a "happy, fluffy story about a prostitute who gets saved from the life she's leading right now" into a "really problematic, toe-stepping story about a prostitute who being saved from herself are upset by her wrong life choices and isn't it great that a savior swept in just in time' and sometimes that's okay and sometimes I really struggle with it. It just depends on how you're feeling I guess.

      I actually struggle the most with stories that seem to have serious discussions about seriousness and then fall off a cliff into the worst of prejudice and political incorrectness. I think it's okay to write a story about serious problems. I think it's okay to write a story that ignores serious issues. I just want to know what I'm getting myself into from the start so I can prepare. when one thing leads to another, sometimes I struggle with it.

      That was a ramble and a half, and I'm not sure I've completed anything, but...yeah. haha sorry My brain is fuzzy this morning.


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