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TheWorld of Dark Soulsis a decaying one that highlights the loneliness players feel as they explore their desolate places and battle their undead citizens. As you play through the games, most of your company comes from either cryptic NPCs speaking in esoteric babble, or reliving the deaths of others by observing their spirits, doomed to repeat it. Of course, you can also summon a friend to accompany you temporarily, but these can also be offset by strangers invading your world against your will to kill you. There are agreements for players who want to play a more social role in the community.

Important information in advance

Covenants are factions that players can join to earn ranks for unique rewards or to be summoned to help or harm other players. This makes them an excellent way for experienced players or those who enjoy battling against others to get even more game time out of everyoneDark SoulsTitle. The alliances inDark Souls 3Are:

  • Warrior of Sunlight:Focused on helping others
  • Blue way:Summons others to help you
  • Blue Guardians:Summons others to help you and helps others
  • Darkmoon Blades:Summons others to help you and helps others
  • Rosarias Finger:Focused on intruding on others
  • mound maker:Can either ambush others or help them
  • Farron Watch Dogs:Will summon you to defend Farron Keep
  • Aldrich Takes:Will summon you to defend Anor Londo
  • Spears of the Church:Will summon you to participate in the Dark Eater MidirChefStreit

Covenant Overview

Each covenant has unique requirements for players to join, but if you do, each will reward you with a ring. The Covenant's effects only occur while the ring is equipped, so you can opt out of summoning if you don't want to play online or are just trying to complete a challengeChef. Each player can only join one alliance at a time, so when you join one, you immediately leave your previous one. Joining a league can be a great way to gain more playing timeDark Souls 3and to engage with the game's busy online community, but completing actions for them also rewards you with a unique resource that you can trade in to unlock their specific rewards for their members. These rewards can be anything from valuable consumables to unique spells or mechanics.

Warrior of Sunlight

Dark Souls 3 Covenants Guide - Earn and be Rewarded - RPG Informant (3)

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The warriors of sunlight worship the divine light of the sun and work effortlessly to bring their goodwill to others by helping them in times of need. This covenant focuses primarily on placing summoning tokens to be summoned into another player's game to help them get through an area or defeat oneChef. This means it's great for players who enjoy cooperative play and aren't that keen on facing other players in PvP duels.

Join the Warriors of Sunlight

To join the Warriors of Sunlight you need to get your hands on an item called Warriors of Sunlight. This item can be found in the Undead Settlement, which you reach by being carried there by gargoyles after receiving the Small Lothric Banner from Emma. Once there, turn left from the campfire and go straight through the morgue to the burning tree. Go straight through the area with the tree until you reach a cluster of houses and go inside the first one. The room you enter should be filled with hanging corpses, but you'll need to jump into the hole in the floor of the room to get the item.

Warrior of Sunlight Effects

Since the Warriors of the Sunlight focus on being summoned to help other players, a golden tint around your summoning mark in other players' worlds is one of the most important effects you get when you join the Covenant. This helps make your shield stand out and lets other players know that if you help them successfully, you'll both receive a Sunlight Medal and periodic rewards. When summoned into their world, your character will also perform the unique Praise the Sun gesture instead of the default summon animation, and will glow brightly in the sun's light for as long as you are in their game. Suppose you decide to use an item to invade a player's game instead. In this case, your matchmaking will prioritize a player who is already being plagued by someone else and still give you your golden glow, albeit with a red outline.

Rising in the Warriors of Sunlight

Like all alliances, the Warriors of the Sunlight have two ranks that can be attained, and each has its reward. You need to turn in 10 Sunlight medals to get first rank, while second rank requires a total of 30. Sunlight medals are earned by helping a player complete an area or by killing oneChef, successfully invade and kill another player, or a few drops from the Lothric Knights found in the Lothric Castle area. To redeem the Sunlight Medals you must travel to the Sunlight Altar in Lothric Castle.

Reaching the first rank will grant you the miracle of the Holy Oath. It's a group buff wonder that grants all players within range a 10% increase in damage dealt and 10 absorption points for each damage type. In PvP, however, these effects are halved. The second rank rewards you with the Great Lightning Spear wonder. This marvel hurls a bolt of lightning at an enemy to deal damage equal to your Spell Buff x 1.85.

way of the blue

Dark Souls 3 Covenants Guide - Earn and be Rewarded - RPG Informant (4)

Way of Blue is an alliance focused on asking other players for help. It results from an ancient correspondence through ancient magic with the moon. Instead of summoning you to other games, it instead guarantees other players to be summoned to help you when invaders join yours. This makes the Bund perfect for players who are nervous about trying out PvP themselves or need extra help.

Join the path of the blue

To join this covenant, you need the Way of Blue item. In order to get it, you must travel to the area opposite the Boreal Valley VordtChefFight where there is a Cathedral with Emma inside. If you have exhausted all dialogue options with Emma, ​​you will get the item.

Path of the Blue Effects

As long as you have the Blue Way equipped and are part of the Covenant, whenever an invader enters your world, a friendly Blue Warden or Darkmoon Blade spirit will be summoned to assist you. However, the summoning can take some time, so you'll probably want to hide or run away from the intruder until your help arrives. Once they are in your world, you can either let them take care of the intruder on their own or help them. These friendly spirits are not summoned when facing invaders from the Aldrich Faithful or Watchdogs of Farron covenants.

Ascending in the path of blue

There are no ranks or rewards in the Path of Blue as it is a covenant that only helps you defend yourself.

Blue Wardens

Dark Souls 3 Covenants Guide - Earn and be Rewarded - RPG Informant (5)

The Blue Sentinels are the higher level of the Way of Blue. They have sworn to protect the weak who ask, causing them to be automatically summoned whenever a member of the Blue Way is ambushed against their will. Because of this, as part of this alliance, you don't choose when you're called to help other players, so you should only join and wear his ring when you're ready for PvP content.

Joined the Blue Sentinels

To join the Blue Sentinels you must obtain the Blue Sentinels item from Anri of Astora and Horace the Hushed in the Road of Sacrifice. The campfire can be found in the Halfway Fortress.

Blue Sentinels Effects

The primary effect of the Covenant is to urge its members to defend those in the Blue Covenant path from invaders who are not part of the Aldrich Faithful or Watchdogs of Farron Covenants. When summoned into someone else's world, your only purpose is to kill the invaders or allow the player to enter a boss room, as this will also banish the invaders. As part of this covenant, you will not stay to help the player defeat themChef.

Ascending in the Blue Sentinels

In order to reach the two higher ranks in the Blue Sentinels, you must collect Proof of a Concord Kept. These are obtained by defeating summoned invaders, earning a Proof of Unity for each defeated player. They can also be dropped by Silver Knights in Anor Londo, although this is fairly rare. Once you have the evidence, you must turn it in to Company Captain Yorshka, who can be found in a tower near the first Anor Londo bonfire.

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For reaching the first rank you get the Darkmoon Ring. This ring gives you two additional attunement slots when equipped, allowing you to carry more spells with you at any time. Rank 2 rewards you with the Darkmoon Blade Miracle. This wonder is a buff that increases yoursweaponDamage with magic damage equal to your Spell Buff times 0.95 and lasts a full minute.

Blades of the Darkmoon

Dark Souls 3 Covenants Guide - Earn and be Rewarded - RPG Informant (6)

The Blades of the Darkmoon are a sister alliance of the Blue Sentinels. Although the Blades are a much older sect of the Order, they share the same purpose and rank rewards. This means the Blades of the Darkmoon Faire will also be auto-summoned to aid those of the Blue Way, so only join this covenant if you're ready to tackle PvP.

Join the Blades of the Darkmoon Faire

In order to join the Darkmoon Blades, you must acquire their unique item and get your hands on the Darkmoon Loyalty Emote. The Thing is in Anor Londo in a tower at the end of an invisible passageway accessible via the rotating platform. To reach it, see the tower in the distance with a visible bonfire inside. Walk toward the bonfire until you're directly over it, then step off the invisible catwalk to land next to the bonfire. You must speak to Sirris of the Sunless Realms to receive the emote. Sirris can be found in the Firelink Shrine, and will give you the gesture for free once you've exhausted her lines of dialogue.

Effects of Blades of the Darkmoon Faire

Joining the Darkmoon Blades will automatically summon you to fight against players invading the games of others who are part of the Way of the Blue. However, you will not be summoned to defend players who have been ambushed by members of the Aldrich Faithful or Watchdog of Farron alliances and if you kill one of them. In another player's world, on the other hand, you will not receive any rewards.

Raking Up in the Blades of the Darkmoon Faire

Blades of the Darkmoon share the ranks and rewards of the Blue Sentinels.

Rosarias Finger

Dark Souls 3 Covenants Guide - Earn and be Rewarded - RPG Informant (7)

The Society of Rosaria's Fingers works to serve the goddess Rosaria, mother of rebirth. Rosaria is a dark goddess who has no voice, so she asks her followers to bring out their pale tongues in a cruel irony. This covenant focuses solely on infiltrating and killing other players, so make sure you only join it when you're ready for PvP content.

Join Rosaria's fingers

To join this covenant, you must find Rosaria yourself in the Cathedral of the Deep. To do this, travel to the area and make your way up using the elevator that serves as a shortcut on the left side of the Purification Chapel. Then go outside and climb up the ladder there before going into the hole in the wall above. You then need to drop onto the support beam below and head upstairs. Then go through the first passage on the right and cross the stone arches to the opposite side of the room. Fall onto the stone platform below, then jump back down. Then hug the wall to your right, and you'll eventually reach Rosaria and a campfire that you can use to fast-travel to her.

Effects of Rosaria's fingers

Joining this covenant grants you the unique ability to reincarnate up to five times on each playthrough. This can be achieved by giving Rosaria a pale tongue and allowing you to change your character's physical appearance and reacting thoroughly to your attribute points. This can be incredibly useful for testing different builds. However, if you give Rosaria any Pale Tongues to level up in the League, Sirris' quest line will end and he will become aggressive towards you.

Rise in Rosaria's fingers

Rosaria's finger ranks are rewarded for gifting Rosaria with pale tongues. These are obtained by invading other players' worlds and killing them and all defenders, although you can only offer her a maximum of 99. If you invade a player's world, you will be all red, alerting them to your hostile nature.

If you turn in 10 Faded Tongues and get rank 1, you will get the Ring of Concealment. The ring is beneficial to invaders as it makes you completely invisible to other players at a distance of 10 meters or more. This is great for setting up ambushes or disengaging from your target to heal or prepare before attacking again. The second rank earns you Man-Grub's staff. This staff is an exciting choice as its stats are boosted by luck rather than intelligence, making it an excellent option for luck-based caster builds.

mound maker

Dark Souls 3 Covenants Guide - Earn and be Rewarded - RPG Informant (8)

The Mound Maker Covenant is unique in that it consists primarily of those who have been driven insane with the task of killing others to increase the size of their mounds. This makes the Covenant completely impartial to those they kill, as each death fuels their growth. This makes the Covenant attractive to players who want to help others with bosses or are more interested in PvP combat.

Joined the Mound Makers

The process to get the Mound Maker item is more complicated than the covenants up to this point. You can join him before the curse-rotted Greatwood breaks the ground by traveling to the Undead Settlement and going to the burning pile with an Evangelist next to it. Then go over the wooden bridge on your right and go past the stables there. From there you can see a cage spider NPC behind a small house. Climb the ladder near this NPC and drop off the roof on the right. There you will find a tall man with a cage on his back and interact with him. This will teleport you to an area where you will need to speak to Holy Knight Hodrick to get the item. However, if you kill the cursed-rotted Greatwood before doing so, you will have to return to itChefZimmer and summon Sirris of the Sunless Realms to join the league. If the cursed-rotted Greatwood has already destroyed the ground and you failed Sirris' questline, it's impossible to join the covenant on this playthrough.

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Effects of the Mound Makers

The Mound-Makers' unique attitude is reflected heavily in their invasions and summons. Regardless of how you enter a host's world, you can damage all players there to sow maximum chaos and reap as many Whirling Shackles as possible. The only difference between a summon and an invasion is that when you invade, you won't be attacked by NPC enemies. While matchmaking is part of this covenant, it also prioritizes games with numerous players so you can create as much chaos as possible.

Rise in the Mound Makers

You can reach the higher ranks of Mound Builders by collecting Swirl Shackles. These are gathered by killing enemy players, whether you're called to help them or invading to kill them. You can even target other summoned spirits or other invaders. They can also be earned by killing other Mound-Makers that invade your world, whether you are in the Covenant or not.

The first rank of the alliance rewards you with the Bloodlust katana. It has a unique ability that allows you to sacrifice some of your health to temporarily gain incredible sharpness. Reaching rank two grants you the heat pyromancy. This Pyromancy heals you and all nearby characters for 35 Health every second for 60 seconds, for a total of 2100 Health per spell.

Watchdogs by Farron

Dark Souls 3 Covenants Guide - Earn and be Rewarded - RPG Informant (9)

The Watchdogs of Farron are an alliance dedicated to protecting the sacred ground of Farron Woods through a pact with the Old Wolf of Farron. Joining this covenant will automatically prompt you to defend the area when other players walk through the terrain, which happens automatically.

Joined the Watchdogs of Farron

To join the Watchdogs of Farron you must pray to the Old Wolf of Farron in Farron Keep. The Shrine of the Old Wolf of Farron is in the Toxic Swamp at the top of the high ladder.

Impact of Farron's watchdogs

After joining the Watchdogs of Farron, you will be automatically summoned to kill other players in the area as long as your game still has either the Abyss Watchers or the Crystal Sage alive. While invading, no enemies in the area will attack you, and you cannot damage them in return. While being summoned to the other player's world, you can fight other invaders there as well.

Ranking of Farron's Watch Dogs

To level up in the Watchdogs of Farron, you must collect Wolfblood Swordgrass by killing other players in the area. Once you have her, turn her into the old wolf. You can also obtain Wolfsblood Swordgrass as rare drops from the Ghru Grunts as Elders, meaning you can farm these enemies while waiting to be summoned into another player's world.

Reaching rank one will earn you the Old Wolf Curved Sword Greatsword. It has a unique ability, Wolf Leap, which allows you to perform a rotating attack to damage enemies before leaping away and then performing a solid attack. Reaching rank two will earn you both the Wolf Knight Greatshield and the Wolf Ring. The Great Shield is a reliable shield with a unique ability that allows you to cast theweaponskill in the right hand. The wolf ring, on the other hand, increases your posture.

Aldrich Takes

Dark Souls 3 Covenants Guide - Earn and be Rewarded - RPG Informant (10)

The Aldrich Faithful have sworn to defend Anor Londo from all invaders. The League is a religious order working to keep Aldrich, the Devourer of the Gods, undisturbed to prevent the Age of Fire from ending and the Age of Deep Waters ushering in. This is another Covenant that will auto-summon players on demand, so only join if you're looking for a lot of PvP combat.

Joining the Aldrich Faithful

To join this bond, travel to Pope Sulyvahn's bonfire and go straight through the door. Then left up the stairs and right through the Valley of the Dead Giants and the door at the other end. Hit the wall on your left to reveal a ladder behind it, go down the ladder and talk to Archdeacon McDonnell.

Effects of Aldrich Faithful

Joining this covenant will automatically prompt you to defend Anor Londo. When summoned, you can kill the host and any other invaders or friendly spirits.

Harking Up Aldrich Faithful

In order to reach the higher ranks in the Aldrich Faithful, you must collect Human Dregs and give them to Archdeacon McDonnell. These can be collected by killing other players, from which you will be summoned to defend Anor Londo, and rare drops by killing Deacons. However, you cannot invade with the Red-Eye Orb to collect Human Debris, as a successful invasion rewards you with a Pale Tongue instead.

Donating 10 Human Residue grants you rank one, which comes with the Great Deep Soul sorcery. It is an offensive spell that deals Dark damage equal to your Spell Buff times 1.3. It's a handy spell to hit players when they're running from you, making it a fantastic option for the ultimate kill. At rank two, you receive the Archdeacon's Great Staff. It is an intelligence-based staff with a special ability that temporarily increases the power of sorcery.

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Spears of the Church

Dark Souls 3 Covenants Guide - Earn and be Rewarded - RPG Informant (11)

The Bund Spears of the Church was added with The Ringed City DLC. The members of the covenant are tasked with protecting the princess's sleep. It's another auto-summon covenant but with the unique foil of boss fights.

Join the Spears of the Church

Joining the Spears of the Church is easy. To get his item you need to kill Darkeater Midir under the ring wall bonfire, which will drop the thing for you to collect.

Effects of the Spears of the Church

While you are a member of Spears of the Church, you will be automatically prompted to assume the role of Halflight, Spear of the Church. Half light is onChefFight in The Ringed City DLC, which works similar to a regular PvP battle.

Ranking Up Spears of the Church

To achieve the two ranks of Church spears, you must collect Filianor's Spear Ornaments and bring them to the altar next to the Ringed Knight with two greatswords just outside the chapel. These are earned by either killing or defending Halflight, Spear of the Church.

Rank 1 rewards players with Young Grass Dew, which gives you passive bonuses when summoned for the Covenant. Reaching rank two will give you the Divine Spear Fragment. This item can only be used when summoned through the Covenant, and allows the player to summon a series of spears in front of them that will stab upward and deal double the damage of the similarly functioning Ritual Spear Fragment.


Alliances are a great way to encourage players to engage with themDark Souls 3PvP content. There's a covenant for every type of player, and some of the most challenging battles to fight in the game tend to be against other players. Whether you want to get unique gear or compete with the best players in the community, Alliances are here to help.

frequently asked Questions

Question: Can you join any covenant?Dark Souls 3in one go?

Answer:Yes, you can switch between alliances at will and as many times as you like in one go.

Question: Does leaving a covenant affect your rank?

Answer:Yes, leaving an alliance lowers your rank by one.

Question: Will the Covenant Rank reset when New Game+ launches?

Answer:No, your Covenant Rank carries over when you start a new Game+.

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