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It looks like you are trying to get confirmationwww.apollopharmacy.in, a high authority website that has a good reputation. Still, it's worth reading the review below. More importantly, if you disagree with this rating, please write your bad experience in the comments section so we can adjust the rating. There are a few details to consider about this website and itsFarmaceutikaindustry.

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He got the maximum markwww.apollopharmacy.infor several different reasons. In this article, we'll also show you several other resources for preventing fraud, including what to do if you've lost money to a scam.

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www.apollopharmacy.inis associated with the popularFarmaceutikaindustry. We tried to cut a short excerpt from their website to see if it is a dynamic page or expresses the subject of the activity:

Apollo Pharmacy Online Medical Store - Online Medicine Order - Buy medicines online from Apollo Online Pharmacy Store (India's largest pharmacy chain) and experience the fastest home delivery. All types of medicines, health products and equipment are available in our online medicine store.

Let's check what has been donewww.apollopharmacy.inhave maximum rank.

Check out Scam Detector's proven remedies below

Before we get into the review, if you're looking for legitimate online drugs, pharmacies, or pain relief products, you can check Scam Detector's trusted companies as follows: For Erectile Dysfunction, Check BlueChewHERE.apollopharmacy.in review - scam detector (7)


When it comes to the maximum rating, there really isn't much to talk about. Therefore,www.apollopharmacy.inthe review is short but important. As a highly authoritative website that has long established its reputation on the Internet, it is no surprise that our VLDTR® tool has designed100evaluation. This means that work is, indeed,boss Sure.

However, some people will always be challenging, even when it comes to big brands. When it comes towww.apollopharmacy.inwebsites, all 53 factors of our algorithm are checked in every field. However, there is always an ironic situation here: the more popular a job is - even if it is from the same companyFarmaceutikaindustry or not - the more complaints it gets online. Think PayPal, your cell phone network, or eBay. They are 100% legit companies, but you can always find complaints about something they are not happy with or feel they have been scammed. Sometimes it's not the platform but the user - that's where you need to pay attention. This could be the case withwww.apollopharmacy.inalso.

www.apollopharmacy.in: Scam or not?

You can be surewww.apollopharmacy.init is not a fake website. However, it is your responsibility to read the potential signs any time you intend to engage in online business. Last but not least, remember that even the best companies in the world have occasional complaints and dissatisfied customers.

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How to report a scammer

If you're wondering how to report a scammer, whether they're from the same niche or notwww.apollopharmacy.inyou can officially do it atFederal Trade Commission. You can also write the names of suspicious companies in the comment section below.

How are you rankedwww.apollopharmacy.in?

Iswww.apollopharmacy.inworth the buzz? Have you dealt with them? How would you rank it? Do they have flaws that no one knows about? Discuss your experience with this company by leaving a review or comment below.

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Have you lost money due to fraud?

Whether you've already lost money or not, when it comes to ANY kind of scam (other credit card scams, PayPal, WhatsApp, Discord, financial, even love scams, etc.), we're here to help. Over time, we have partnered with several powerful asset recovery companies and in an effort to help victims of fraud, we may look into your case. If you've lost more than $1,000 to any kind of fraud, tell us your story and fill it outTHIS FORM. The refund process is extensive and requires a lot of work. However, we are happy to take a look, so hopefully you get your money back.

5 ways to spot a scam website

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IMPORTANT: Protect your online browsing from installing malware

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If you are a consumer, check out some educational articles below:

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NOTE: The ratings of this website validator are for informational purposes only and should not be relied upon for financial or business decisions. See Terms of Use.

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Is scam detector a legit site? ›

all in all, they are doing an honorable amazing hard mission to make the internet a safer and more reliable place. Scam-detector is safe, trustworthy and with great info about crooks. Not surprised to see that exposed scammers leave bad reviews.

What is the scam detector? ›

About us. News media platform educating consumers on how to avoid financial fraud in every industry, all around the world. Scam Detector has been featured on Fox, ABC 7, CNET, Global TV, CTV, Citytv, and Toronto Star. It currently has a bi-weekly guest segment on Dinner Television, aired on Citytv.

Who is Apollo privacy com? ›

Apollo's mission is to create the most trusted and intelligent data-first engagement platform. Our robust technology and systems ensure customer data is fully secure. Our security is certified by leading 3rd-party auditors based on the most widely recognized and internationally accepted information security standards.

What is a good score on scam detector? ›

Very Low Risk (0 – 9): Lowest possibility of fraud. Low Risk (10 – 49): Low possibility of fraud, but may include false negatives (risk). Medium Risk (50 – 69): No strong indication of positive or negative outcome. High Risk (70 – 89): High possibility of fraud, but may include false positives.

What to do if you fall for a fake check scam? ›

If you think you've been targeted by a counterfeit check scam, report it immediately to any of the following agencies:
  1. The U.S. Postal Inspection Service at www.uspis.gov (if you received the check in the mail).
  2. Your state or local consumer protection agencies.

Which apps detect scammer number? ›

Truecaller will also identify and warn you about robocallers, scammers, fraudsters, telemarketers and other unwanted or unknown phone numbers. The Advanced Spam Detector will automatically block and protect you from unwanted calls and SMS.

Can a scammer be tracked? ›

One of the best ways to track down a scammer is by reporting them to the police. The process for reporting an incident will vary depending on how it was committed, but once filed, you should receive a number that you can keep for your records. Once the police have your information, they can act against the scammer.

Is Apollo safe site? ›

Apollo has established a trusted brand. Unfortunately, unscrupulous people sometimes try to use the Apollo brand to scam and defraud others. When communicating with Apollo online, please: Confirm you are visiting or communicating with a website or email domain authorized by Apollo.

Is Apollo a real website? ›

Apollo is an all-in-one sales intelligence platform with tools to help users prospect, engage, and drive more revenue. Sellers and marketers use Apollo to discover more customers in market, connect with contacts, and establish a modern go-to-market strategy.

Is Apollo app safe? ›

Apollo does not sell or rent your data, and anonymous information is only collected to help make the app better. If you want a privacy-first app for Reddit, Apollo is a very safe bet. When signing into Apollo, it requests specific permissions from your Reddit account, such as the ability to upvote.

How many scam calls does the average person get? ›

Interesting Scam Calls Statistics

An estimated 55% of the overall number of calls made are phone scams. 46 Billion robocalls or scam calls are identified in the US in 2020. On a global average, a person may receive 18 scam calls per month.

Do banks refund scammed money? ›

Contact your bank immediately to let them know what's happened and ask if you can get a refund. Most banks should reimburse you if you've transferred money to someone because of a scam.

Can you go to jail for accidentally depositing a fake check? ›

You could face jail time.

Depending on your state, you can face criminal penalties for a misdemeanor or even a felony for depositing fake checks with the intent to defraud. However, if you're the victim of a scam, you're unlikely to face fines or jail time.

Can someone steal your identity with a fake check? ›

The Bottom Line: Protect Your Finances From Fraudsters

If someone steals your check and forges your signature, you could lose more than money — your identity could be stolen as well. Stay safe by safeguarding your mailbox, checkbook, and identity against scammers.

How can I check if a number is spam? ›

The first step in verifying whether a phone number is a spam is to determine if it is actually in use. You can do this by using a service such as the National Do Not Call Registry or contacting the phone company directly. If the number is not currently used, it may be considered spam.

What can a scammer do with just your phone number? ›

They'll use your number to scam your friends and family members or use it to bypass two-factor authentication (2FA) security for your online banking or other accounts. Reroute your number. Scammers can also reroute phone calls and messages, then send login requests to your online accounts to access them.

How do hackers know your phone number? ›

Phone numbers can be found anywhere – thanks in part to so many data breaches. Often, hackers will find the cell phone number of their target floating around the internet (or from a phone bill in the garbage), and call up their carrier impersonating the customer.

Can a scammer get into your phone? ›

Your phone can be hacked, just like any other device with internet connectivity. Phones are particularly tempting targets for hackers because these devices usually have access to a huge amount of user data, from banking information to social media passwords.

What can a scammer do with my phone and address? ›

Target you with phishing mail or fake offers

If scammers know your name and address, they can target you with phishing campaigns, spoofed advertisements, and fake offers. Any information you give them can be used to fully steal your identity.

Can the police do anything about an online scammer? ›

If You've Been the Victim of an Internet Fraud Scheme

You can also file fraud complaints with the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI). The perpetrators of online scams are often charged with federal wire fraud crimes.

How accurate is Apollo io? ›

At Apollo, verified emails maintain an email match rate of 75% and an accuracy rate of more than 90%.

What app is Apollo? ›

Incredible gestures, customizability, and features. That's Apollo. Apollo is a beautiful Reddit app built for fast navigation with an incredibly powerful set of features.

What is Apollo? ›

noun. Apol·​lo ə-ˈpä-(ˌ)lō : the Greek and Roman god of sunlight, prophecy, music, and poetry. [Apollo, an asteroid of this class] : any of a class of asteroids having an orbit that extends from inside to beyond the earth's orbit.

Who is Apollo owned by? ›

Apollo Hospitals was established in 1983 by Dr. Prathap C Reddy, renowned as the architect of modern healthcare in India. As the nation's first corporate hospital, Apollo Hospitals is acclaimed for pioneering the private healthcare revolution in the country.

How long does Apollo take to ship? ›

Once your order is picked up by our couriers, shipping times will vary depending on your location, but on average takes anywhere from 2-6 business days. The approximate shipping times are: East coast provinces and states: 2-5 business days. Mid-west provinces and states: 2-5 business days.

Does Apollo verify emails? ›

Apollo has its own built-in email verification tool to increase your email reach when prospecting and help keep your domain reputation safe. This means that when you purchase a contact's data in Apollo, Apollo checks the validity and accuracy of the email address before you send any messages to the contact.

Is Apollo IO legal? ›

Yes, Apollo is safe to use as long as you follow the appropriate laws of your country for prospecting.

Is Apollo Reddit trustworthy? ›

Apollo shouldn't impact your Reddit account security otherwise. It uses the Reddit api which is an approved and secure method of interacting with Reddit.

What is Apollo safe? ›

Apollo Safe Brings Accessibility and Security to Injective Builders. Apollo Safe will provide a plethora of key benefits to the Injective ecosystem by making it easier for DAOs, funds, and a range of other crypto participants to more securely and easily manage funds.

How did Apollo get my information? ›

As Apollo noted in its letter to customers, it draws a lot of its information from public sources around the web, including names, email addresses, and company contact information. But it also scrapes Twitter and LinkedIn.

How accurate is Apollo IO email? ›

At Apollo, we have a built-in email verification process with a 91% accuracy rate that does not rely solely on SMTP tickling to validate emails. Our 7-step email verification process can differentiate between valid and invalid emails from catch-all domains.

What is Apollo privacy email? ›

If you would like to discuss or exercise the rights you may have, contact us at privacy@apollo.com or call us toll-free at 833-271-8296.

How did Apollo IO get my information? ›

We use third party vendors as well as our dialer data to verify direct dial and mobile numbers. Apollo's database is updated daily, with a guaranteed refund for every bounced email.

How do I remove myself from Apollo? ›

How to Remove Yourself from Apollo.io
  1. First, you need to find your listing on the Apollo.io website — this can typically only be done via Google Search. ...
  2. Click on the link to your profile, and copy the URL of your profile page.
  3. Go to their opt-out page, apollo.io/claim/person/remove/
Aug 4, 2020

How do I delete my information from Apollo? ›

How to opt out of Apollo.io
  1. Find out if your information is posted on Apollo.io. ...
  2. Whether or not your information comes up in any of the results, you can still submit a request to opt out.
  3. Go to apollo.io/privacy-policy/remove.
  4. Enter your email address and select Click here to opt out of Apollo.
Nov 8, 2022

Can we delete Apollo account? ›

You can delete your user account at any time on your Personal Settings page.

Does Apollo collect data? ›

There is Personal Data we collect, in accordance with law, that may include, but is not limited to: Identification information that can be used to identify you, such as your name, address, phone number, email address, signatures or other identifiers.

How does Apollo verify emails? ›

Apollo has its own built-in email verification tool to increase your email reach when prospecting and help keep your domain reputation safe. This means that when you purchase a contact's data in Apollo, Apollo checks the validity and accuracy of the email address before you send any messages to the contact.

What is Apollo in Gmail? ›

Overview. The Apollo Chrome extension enables you to automate your follow-up process within Gmail so that you can keep on top of your pipeline, reduce manual tasks from your workflow, and focus your time on the interactions that matter.

What is the purpose of Apollo IO? ›

What is Apollo.io? Apollo is an all-in-one sales intelligence platform with tools to help you prospect, engage, and drive more revenue. Sellers and marketers use Apollo to discover more customers in market, connect with contacts, and establish a modern go-to-market strategy.

Who is Apollo IO owned by? ›

Apollo.io was founded in 2015 by Ray Li, Roy Chung, and Tim Zheng. The company has not publicly endorsed plans to participate in an IPO. Apollo.io is the developer of an all-in-one sales intelligence and CRM platform.

Who owns Apollo IO? ›

Tim Zheng is the Founder & CEO at Apollo.io . Additionally, Tim Zheng has had 1 past job as the Investment & Trading Associate at Citadel .

What is Apollo IO data breach? ›

No financial data, Social Security numbers or passwords are included in the data. Apollo stored the data on an Amazon server with no password protection. The startup discovered the breach weeks after system upgrades in July.


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